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Convenience Store Candy Bin

Convenience Store Candy Bin

Compatible with Madix or Lozier Gondola Shelving Systems.

Create a Candy Bin with pegboard hooks on the top of the gondola fixture and a wire divider binning system on the bottom with a 6" high fence and dividers on a standard gondola upper or lower shelf

Pegboard Display Hooks

Rack up lots of candy for merchandising and display on a 60" high or higher gondola. Pegboard hooks easily insert into most any gondola pegboard back in a 1" on center configuration.

Wire Front Fence and Dividers

We suggest a 6" high wire binning system with front fence and shelf dividers to hold large amounts of loose candy and small bags candy on a standard upper or base shelf.

Standard uper shelves and front shelf fences in stock.



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